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Heather Feivou

Heather Feivou is our lead instructor with our Krav Maga Kid classes and also one of our lead instructors with our adult classes.

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My Story

Heather Feivou joined our Krav Maga class 2019 and since has achieved Practitioner
Level 5 as a student from the Krav Maga Association and Associate Level 2 Instructor
certification. In 2021, she began training Combative
Jujitsu. She currently holds a green belt and Associate Instructor certification. Heather's
daughter, Sadie, who has been doing Krav since 2018, is our student instructor in
training with our Krav Maga Kid's classes. Together, they dream to become a mother-
daughter instructor team with Grind City Krav Maga.

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